A Unique Green Thumb


Last weekend, I was over at my friend’s house, and she was showing me her plants which were on display. Since I can’t seem to keep my plants in good condition for very long, I was impressed. She dedicates quite a bit of time to her gardening. Many of her plants are unique and colourful, which made them the perfect subject to photograph. With her permission, I started taking multiple pictures. As always, many pictures didn’t come out as nice as I wanted to. Anyways, the photograph above is about half of her plants. I edited the picture to enhance its features; I’m not a fan of pictures that look unrealistic.


Here, we have a picture that I took up close of one of the plants. It depicts a smaller flower about to bloom, making its way through the shells and rocks. I wasn’t sure if it would look nice, but I really love the way this picture turned out.

All in all, this experience simply reminded me that you always have something to take a picture of. Whether it’s at a friend’s house, a school, or even the grocery store, you always can take a great picture.


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