Flowers on a Cloudy Day

Recently, as I was walking home, I came across these gorgeous flowers. Flowers are very uncommon this time of year. I stopped to take a picture. The above picture has been edited slightly. I brightened up the colours, increased the saturation by just a little bit, and improved the quality of the picture. The picture isn’t of the best quality; my hands were shaking because of the cold while taking this shot. While editing, I was trying on the pre-made filters and saw that the black & white version looked really nice. I made two copies. One copy is the coloured version; the picture you see above. The other duplication is black & white; the picture you see below.

I made the same edits as the first picture for the second; the only difference is the black and white filter. In my opinion, both pictures are visually appealing, but in different ways. The coloured picture is bright and fun, while the black and white picture is moody and classy. I put the two pictures side-by-side in the collage below for comparison purposes. The pictures are both positioned the same way.



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