Contrasting Purples

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these gorgeous flowers. Although it’s getting colder with each passing day, the flowers are a reminder of warmer days to come. I love the colours and freshness of the blooms. This first shot is closer, and focuses on the two flowers on the right. Both pictures are edited slightly. The brightness, contrast and saturation were increased to enhance the natural features. Although the colours in both pictures seem a little too bright, they truly are a slight enhancement to reality.


This picture focuses on the darker purple flower on the left, and the other gorgeous flowers surrounding it. I love how the darker flower subtly contrasts with the other flowers. This picture’s brightness, contrast, and saturation was also increased. However, this picture didn’t need to be saturated as much.

I love the colours in both pictures. The purple tones are stunning and contrast beautifully with the green grass.

I’ve always been particularly drawn to flowers. I tried to avoid taking a picture of these beauties, but I couldn’t resist. I spent a quick moment capturing the gorgeousness before I continued on with my day.

Hopefully the flowers keep blooming, even during cold days. They warm us up inside, so we can look forward to warmer weather, when there are flowers as well as butterflies.



21 thoughts on “Contrasting Purples

  1. kuminkueche says:

    Great photos, I loved how you played with the focus. well done!!
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! surely will be waiting to see more photos!!
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