Winter Celebrations

Winter celebrations are always lots of fun. They spread cheer and are a great way for people to spend time together. I love holiday-themed decor and symbols. From Christmas trees to snowflakes and everything in between; I truly adore it all. Therefore, when I saw all the holiday decor scattered around, I had to take some pictures.

Originally, I had more pictures to show, but I decided to keep things simple with the best out of all the pictures I took. While all my other photos didn’t have a particular focus, this ornament stood out and quickly found itself in a picture. The shadow of the ornament contrasts nicely with the lights and light-colours in the background. I like how I was able to subtly incorporate texture in this photograph.

I edited a bunch of different things in this picture, but kept it natural-looking. It was tempting in this picture to go overboard with the edits, but I didn’t want to give a false impression of what I saw.

I thought this picture captures the many parts of the magical holiday season. The sparkles represent the glamour and fantasy, the lights represent the joy, the white needles remind me of the snow and the blue ornament reminds me of the holiday lights and decorations.

I love every aspect of the holiday season. This picture is just one that caught my eye.


11 thoughts on “Winter Celebrations

  1. shruti502 says:

    I too enjoy and massively love the holiday season and the time around Christmas. The picture is beautiful. Along with your words, the entire thing comes out so lively to the reader. Keep on developing and polishing your beautiful craft!


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