Jade Leaves

I’ve been focusing more and more on colour in my pictures. If you haven’t noticed, many headlines of my most recent posts feature prominent colours. Instead of capturing flowers, most of which are wilted by now, I took a picture of these gorgeous leaves. I really like this unique and beautiful shade of green. It pairs really nicely with the berries which showcase variations of red. The creamy coloured edges balance and bring everything together. Although they don’t compare to the foliage of fall, they are in their own way, beautiful. It’s so bright and dewy.

Focusing on colour, I also edited the picture around colour. I increased the brightness, and contrast of this picture. As usual, I didn’t overdo my edits. I added a red filter. I decreased the impact of the filter. I wanted it to bring out the berries in the picture. To compensate for the red tint that I added, I gave the picture a slight cool tone. This way, the berries are more pronounced, and the picture remains bright and reflects the chilly weather of the day. I focused on the patch of leaves closest to me, slightly blurring the leaves around it. I’ve been playing with focus more and more in nature photography.

It was nice to take a picture of something other than flowers and autumn foliage, yet still have a nature element in the picture.

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