With all the recent sunshine, I’ve been more motivated to get out and take some pictures. I snapped this quick picture to capture the shadows against the different coloured concrete. My expectations were low, but I was pleased with the result.

Tip: Take a picture whenever you see something interesting. If it turns out well, great! If you aren’t satisfied, then you can always delete the picture. No harm done.

Just like I normally do, I played with the brightness, contrast, shadow and highlight of the photograph. However, this time, I increased the saturation, and applied the change. Then, I decreased the saturation to create a faded look with depth. This helped to accent the grays and add texture to the image.

Although the shadow and style of edits was different, it turned out much better than I originally thought. It serves as a reminder that it’s important to step out of your comfort zone, even in photography.


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