The Girl with the Camera’s Photo Challenge: 500 visitors!

I’ve taken many, many pictures and shared them with you for quite a while.

Since we’ve had 500 unique visitors (OMG!) on ‘Me, Myself and the Camera’, I decided to do something different. (Sound familiar? I hinted at it in my last update post.) This time, I thought I would challenge you guys to take a picture (or pictures) and share them on your blog/site.

As of today, we currently have close to 800 (!!!) unique visitors. I am so grateful for all of you. It’s amazing that so many people have viewed my work.

We actually hit 500 visitors on February 10th, but since there were many new things going on, (like our first guest post and a survey to improve the reader experience) I decided to hold off on sharing this post.

I’ve placed a few guidelines, a topic, etc. below.


For this challenge, you can take pictures of anything with numbers. Be creative and try new things.

Once you’ve posted it, leave a comment with the link to the post and I’ll check it out. Please only comment on this post.

You don’t need to be a follower of the blog to post an entry to the challenge.

You don’t even need fancy equipment, etc. – just find something that appeals to you and fits in the category, capture it and post it.  I’ll be posting an image that fits into the category as well to provide inspiration.

I will pick the top 3 winners and write their names underneath in 2-3 weeks!

Keep photographing! I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Until next time,

– The Girl with the Camera


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