First Springtime Flowers

Although the arrival of Spring means that I’ll be seeing flowers more and more, I was still surprised when I saw these purple blooms.  The grass around the flowers was completely dead, yet the flowers were perfect.  In fact, when I tried to edit this image, it didn’t improve the quality of the photograph. I decided to leave the image untouched.


I love the contrasting colours in this image. The orange hints inside the purple flowers look stunning together.  Although I wanted to showcase the flowers further away, the bunch closest to me was better for photographing.  Therefore, I kept the other flowers in the foreground, and focused on the flowers closest to me.  I kept the leaves from Autumn and grass in the picture (instead of cropping most of it out) to add texture and bring everything together.


15 thoughts on “First Springtime Flowers

  1. Autumn says:

    The focus and depth of field is really good and the competition really draws your eyes to the subject! What camera and lens do you use because they must be pretty powerful,
    Autumn x

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