I came across this group of colourful blooms on a partly cloudy (or partly sunny, you know what I mean 😉) day, resulting in a slightly uneven distribution of light in this image. Whereas I would’ve originally edited to reduce the variation, I decided to leave all elements in the photo as is. This added depth to the image and accentuated the shadows that form toward the centre of each flower.

As I’ve been experimenting with different backgrounds in my images lately, I made sure to include the bright, white garage. This element added brightness to the image, which meant that I didn’t have to edit the picture afterward. I also added the bricks, in varying tones of red & brown, to emphasize the slight warm tones in the image. I took my picture so that I could capture the bricks at different angles.

Tip: Use elements in your background to emphasize certain features in your image. This can reduce (or eliminate!) the need for edits later on.

P.S. – In the midst of writing this post, I accidentally posted this yesterday. The link to the unfinished version of this post you received in your inboxes is no longer valid. I apologize for any inconvenience. 😬🤷

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