Clouds & Colours

Although I usually post nature 🌿 photography, I thought I would try something different. Whereas I’m always taking pictures of sunsets, 🌆 I don’t find myself posting them. In this case, taking this picture was a little harder than expected.


My phone, which I’ve used for every picture on the blog so far, died. I ended up taking this picture with an iPhone 5. Although it is an older phone, it captured the vibrant colours of the sunsets perfectly. In fact, I didn’t even have to edit this photograph.

This picture is different compared to my other images posted on the blog, as I took it indoors through a window on the 14th floor of a building, instead of outside and close to the image’s subject. I love how beautifully it captures the clouds ☁️ and colours. The black silhouettes made by the buildings add visual interest and depth to the image.

P.S. – Let me know what type of photography you’d like to see next by voting using the poll in my sidebar on my Posts page! It makes things easier for me – especially when I’m wondering whether I should post things like this or not. 😄

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