On a cloudy day, I was excited to see these bright yellow sunflowers. The saturated yellow brightened my day, and stand out against the grey sky and dull bricks. These flowers were part of a larger bunch of sunflowers, each in varying shades of orange and yellow.

Whereas I originally planned to edit this picture, I ended up liking the original image more than the edited version.

I was able to visit this location again, on a sunny day, where I took another image. This photograph’s warm tones and the orange in the sunflowers complemented each other beautifully. This time, the sunlight emphasized the rainwater on the flower, left over from the previous rain.


I left this image unedited as well, which I’ve been doing more often recently. This kept the natural beauty of both images, and also allowed me to compare the two.

The first image lets the flowers take centre stage, however, in the second image, all its elements are extremely bright. It’s interesting to see how different lighting and a different angle can completely change a picture.

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