The Blogger Recognition Award

'Me, Myself & the Camera' was nominated for its first award by the wonderful Jo Smith from The Inquisitive Writer.

Contrasting Purples

The purple tones are stunning and contrast beautifully with the green grass.


I don't usually make my pictures black and white, but I thought the absence of colour added an artistic effect.

Flowers on a Cloudy Day

Flowers are very uncommon this time of year. I stopped to take a picture.

Autumn Leaves

The leaves were especially breathtaking this year. I'm glad we have photography to capture these types of moments and keep them with us forever.

A Unique Green Thumb

I wasn't sure if it would look nice, but I really love the way this picture turned out.

Burning in the Wind

For some reason, I was more attracted to the fire burning in the wind than the views around me.

Lush Green Grass

I took a picture and started editing.

Natural Beauties

Just a couple days ago, I was running some errands when I saw a plethora of different types of flowers. I wasn't in a rush, so I stopped the car to take some pictures.


The Beginning

I didn't know it, but I was falling in love with photography.