The rocks' variations in colour, shape and size on this patch of land added a sense of uniqueness. I simply had to take a picture.


While editing a picture I previously took, I went overboard and decided to share the results.


As I noticed the beautiful shadows that the sun makes, I snapped a quick picture. Although I had low expectations, things are often better than you expect.

Tilted Sunshine

I was simply taking a walk on a sunny day, and decided to take some pictures. ...Usually, I try to take pictures at a zero degree angle, but the tilt helps the picture to stand out.

Beautiful Boredom

...ended up creating something that I never would've tried before.

Update: February 18, 2017

We've had more milestones to celebrate, so I wrote another more traditional update post.

Guest Post: Travel Photography Tips

Megan from Out of Office Org shares her tips on travel photography.

Warm Blooms in the Cold

The warm-toned blooms are of the same type as the flowers in my post Blush Blooms. The warm colours are inviting and cozy, which was what inspired me to take the pictures.

The Blogger Recognition Award

'Me, Myself & the Camera' was nominated for its first award by the wonderful Jo Smith from The Inquisitive Writer.

Winter Celebrations

I love holiday-themed decor and symbols. From Christmas trees to snowflakes and everything in between; I truly adore it all. Therefore, when I saw all the holiday decor scattered around, I had to take some pictures.